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For podcast #90 I welcome Amit Moran. He is Co-Founder and CTO of Indoor Robotics, developing autonomous indoor drones for safety and security monitoring missions. Amit holds a bachelor's and master's degree in software engineering from INSA de Lyon, France.

Prior to founding Indoor Robotics, he served as VP Technology Innovation at a start-up company called Temi which develops a personal assistant robot where he focused on developers' experience and prototyped new capabilities.

Before Temi, Amit worked at Intel in the "Perceptual Computing" (RealSense) department in the "Innovation and Advanced Technologies" group. During this time, Amit established a research and development team in the field of robotics and computer vision where he led the development of software and hardware products for computer vision and robotics.

Amit, welcome to the podcast. How did you get involved with Indoor Robotics?

Can you describe your drone? What does it look like? You have a unique mounting device?

How big is the security industry?

When is it used?

How do you sell it, is it robots as a service?

Is there a particular environment that works best?

How is the navigation performed? Are there any tricky environments or obstacles?

Drones are not replacing people?

What does the drone see?

What kind of sensors/sensing technologies are you using?

Who is your bulls-eye customer?

Can you give us some customer use cases?

What does the future look like?

When you are not programming drones what do you like to do?

What are some of the future technologies that you are working on?

Thanks for participating. How can people get a hold of you?

To find out more about Indoor Robotics If you would like to reach out Amit Moran, here is his LinkedIn profile.

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