Make it make sense... Rittenhouse Trial and Verdict


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Coming up this week, I make sense of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and verdict. While I don’t actively try to court controversy on the podcast, I feel like there has been a huge amount of disinformation surrounding this trial. There are conversations that need to be had. Learnings to be heeded. But we – as a nation – are never going to find some kind of peace if we are transacting on the basis of falsehoods.
So, today, I’m going to unpack what we know happened on August 25 2020. I’m going to unpack the trial and the verdict. I’m going to bust a few myths that, unfortunately, have become cannon. Hint: the AR in AR15 is not an acronym for Assault Rifle. You’re welcome. And I’m going to spitball how I think we – as a country – can and should proceed from here if authentic amends are to be made. Opportunity abounds. We just have to seize it.
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