How they did it... Operation Varsity Blues


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Coming up on this week’s episode, the story of Operation Varsity Blues. An FBI investigation into a criminal conspiracy to influence undergraduate admissions at American colleges. It is estimated that more than $25 million exchanged hands between thirty three parents – including actors Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman – and William Singer, a College Adminissions Coach.
You have often heard me speak about risk being agnostic. That some of history’s biggest monsters – Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara, Josef Stalin – they were all superb risk practitioners. But they used our discipline for the most evil of purposes.
Operation Varsity Blues is a great example of the opportunity side of the risk coin, being used for malevolent intent. To gain privilege at the expense of others. On this week’s episode of the Risktory Podcast, I look at how the wealthy and powerful used risk, to grasp what was not theirs to have.
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