How they did it... Australia II wins the America's Cup


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On this week’s episode, the historic victory, in 1983, of Australia over the United States, to snatch the coveted America’s Cup yacht race.
For those Australians of a certain vintage. I was in third grade at the time. I remember waking up on September 26 1983, getting ready for school, all the while watching the television broadcast, live from , Newport, Rhode Island. I remember every moment of Australia II crossing the finishing line, the cannons exploding, signifying that we had indeed won, and I remember watching a country celebrate with wild abandon.
Australia. Yes, little Australia, had just ended the longest winning streak in sport of all time. 132 years.
Today’s episode is a story of the plucky underdogs vanquishing a dominant combatant. It’s a story of understanding where opportunity exists, and how to best maximise its potential. And it’s a story of resilience and never laying down your arms, until the job is done.
On this week’s Risktory Podcast, how Australia II won the America’s Cup.
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