Finding Superman, Defending 'Age of Ultron', and Mark Millar 'Jupiter's Legacy' Interview | The Midnight Boys


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The Midnight Boys are back and here to react to the latest news and stories from around the Ringer-Verse! They comment on WB's search for a Black Superman, who they would want to see in the roll, and the legacy of Chadwick Boseman (03:15). Then they head to Midnight Court to present their arguments on which is the better film, 'The Avengers' or 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' (29:20), all before talking with comics legend Mark Millar about his newest Netflix show based on his comic 'Jupiter's Legacy' (44:15).

You can read more about Mark Millar in Charles's story for The Ringer.

Hosts: Van Lathan and Charles Holmes

Guest: Mark Millar

Producer: Steve Ahlman

Additional Production: Arjuna Ramgopal and TD St. Matthew-Daniel

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