Valter Longo PhD: Fasting & Nutrition Protocols for Longevity & Disease Prevention


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When it comes to fasting, how do you parse fact from fiction?

How do nutrition and lifestyle choices make or break disease?

And how do we eat to live longer, healthier lives?

To help us answer these questions, Dr.Valter Longo is back.

Dr. Longo first graced the show back on RRP #367, where we covered the basics for fasting for longevity. Today we are getting granular on the science of longevity & nutrition, including an analysis of the latest research on fasting and what Dr. Longo calls the fasting-mimicking diet and its connection to healthspan extension & disease prvention,

So today we pick up where we left off four years ago, covering:

  • The latest research on fasting and his fasting-mimicking diet;
  • the 5 nutrition pillars of longevity and various fasting strategies,
  • optimal protein intake based on age, high fat versus low-fat diets, and how to think about and contextualize continuous glucose monitoring;
  • the science around rapamycin, metformin and sirtuins;
  • and many other topics.

Today’s episode is also viewable on YouTube.

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Valter is one of the world’s brightest minds on the cutting edge of longevity science and this one is full of prescriptive advice. I hope you learn as much as I did.

Peace + Plants,


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