Lisa Bilyeu: Transcend the Purgatory of the Mundane


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Here to illuminate truths big and small on all things self-confidence, relationships, mindset, and more is entrepreneur turned author Lisa Bilyeu.

Lisa is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition a company she helped grow into a billion-dollar unicorn alongside her husband and friend of the pod Tom Bilyeu. She’s also co-founder and President of the digital-first media enterprise Impact Theory Studios, where among many other duties she hosts Women of Impact, a show that is all about empowering women to become the heroes of their own lives.

In addition, Lisa is the author of the recently released Radical Confidence, a memoir and practical toolbox for developing a growth mindset and transcending what she calls the ‘purgatory of the mundane’.

Our conversation covered quite a bit, including:

  • the importance of intentional communication in marriage and relationships;
  • developing a growth mindset—and why you don’t have to hit bottom to change;
  • how gratitude can in some cases hold you back;
  • thoughts on setting healthy boundaries, finding a mission, and many other topics.

Lisa is a unique force of nature. She might be petite, but don’t be fooled. She definitely packs a punch.

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If you feel stuck in a life scenario that isn’t serving you and looking for a constructive, empowering way forward, this one’s for you. Lisa is an absolute firecracker. Enjoy!

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