Irish Gangster Richie Stephens’ Guide to Sobriety‎ (and Second Chances)


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Drug trafficker. Kidnapper. Alcoholic. Addict. Gang member. International criminal turned sober screen star.

Richie’s story is also the subject of his new book, The Gangster’s Guide to Sobriety—a chronicle of his descent into the abyss and the redemptive slog that followed. It’s a tale so absurd and darkly comic, that it’s currently being developed for television by the creators of the hit show Silicon Valley.

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Heads Up: This conversation is packed with expletives, profanity, and tales of violence. So just an alert that this episode is neither family-friendly nor workplace approved. So pop on the earbuds if you got kiddos in the backseat. And If you’re easily offended, perhaps this one isn’t your cup of tea.

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Chock-a-block with wall-to-wall stories that will blow your hair back, this conversation will make you realize that if Richie could go from where he was to where he is today, truly anything is possible.

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