Dr. Will Bulsiewicz On All Things Microbiome: Heal Your Gut, Sidestep Disease & Thrive


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One of the most popular guests in the history of this podcast, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz ‘Dr. B' joined me back on episode #538 for a deep dive on the gut and honing our immune systems. Today we dive even deeper with a comprehensive investigation of the microbiome, why it’s important, and how we can tend to it to sidestep disease and live our healthiest.

Specific topics include:

  • What COVID has taught us about the benefits of a plant-predominant diet
  • The relationship between the microbiome, metabolic health, and weight management
  • How the microbiome affects cognition, brain health, and mental health
  • The adaptability of the microbiome
  • What a carnivorous diet does to the microbiome
  • How to train the gut to overcome food intolerances
  • The rise of personalized nutrition
  • And many other fascinating topics

Today’s episode is also viewable on YouTube: bit.ly/Drbulsiewicz680

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Final Note: As a compendium to this conversation, Dr. B created an impressively thorough document detailing all scientific references for this episode and many other helpful, additional resources. Download this free document HERE.

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