Centenarian Mike Fremont On Longevity Secrets, Breaking World Running Records & How To Thrive


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Today we explore health, fitness, longevity & the pursuit of meaning through the lived experience of a human who has been walking planet Earth for a full 100 years.

Meet centenarian Mike Fremont, a retired engineer turned climate activist and life-long athlete who holds a slew of impressive age group world records in running, including the fastest recorded marathons for an 88-year-old, 90-year-old, and a 91-year-old.

I was introduced to Mike by his running buddy elite ultra-marathoner and popular friend of the pod Harvey Lewis, who helped arrange today’s unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by someone who has not only been alive for so long but who has remained incredibly vibrant well beyond social expectations. For those of you who feel like it’s too late or you’ve missed the boat on being an athlete, this guy’s marathon career didn’t even kick into high gear until his 60’s—40 years ago!

This conversation is my attempt to extract his testimony and counsel for younger generations. We dive into what he has learned about life, longevity, vitality, purpose, fitness, and setting and world records. We also discuss the WFPB diet (which he adopted 30 years ago in the wake of a colon cancer diagnosis) that fuels his training, keeps him spry, informs his climate activism, and in his words, is what has allowed him to thrive for decades beyond social expectations.

It’s not often you get the opportunity to spend time with a centenarian. This is a small attempt to course correct mainstream culture's failure to appropriately appreciate our elders.

I loved having Mike on the show, consider him a new friend, and I’m proud to share his voice with you.

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