A Longevity Masterclass: Emerging Science & Timeless Wisdom of Healthy Aging


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Welcome to our fourth masterclass episode where we share big truths from some of my best podcast guests, honing in on a single theme or subject matter. Today we are diving deep into the subject of longevity, specifically: how to age healthfully, how to biologically promote longevity, how to embrace your innate potential for growth beyond the prescribed productive years, and how to cultivate a true life-long expansion of self.

From science and technology to diet and mindset, there are choices you can make to access not simply the longest lifespan possible, but also the greatest health span your body is capable of. There are real, tangible, practical methods we can employ to get the maximum value out of our bodies and therefore our lives.

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Today’s episode is also viewable on YouTube: https://bit.ly/Longevity688

Masterclass Series: Click here to listen to our first deep dive on the microbiome, here for our second on mental health, and here for our third on addiction & recovery. The full episodes for all guests featured in this episode can be found in the show notes here: https://bit.ly/longevity688

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