Ep 80: Secrets For Experiencing Satisfaction in Retirement


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Today we’re going to be sharing the five secrets for experiencing satisfaction in retirement. Who doesn’t want to get to a place where they’ve achieved fulfillment in one’s wishes, expectations, and needs? That’s what we work to do each and every day with our clients and will use this episode to help you improve your situation. If you can key in on these five points, you’ll have a high chance to achieve that satisfaction.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • Secret 1: Define & Design YOUR Retirement (2:25)
  • Secret 2: Building a portfolio that works for you (7:55)
  • Secret 3: Be Flexible (11:460)
  • Secret 4: Diversify & maximization of income streams (18:31)
  • Secret 5: Have proper health coverage (20:58)

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