What’s the difference between the PRS and the Property Ombudsman Scheme for rent to rent businesses?


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151 - In this week's episode I want to talk more about the property ombudsman scheme and how you can ensure you get it right for your rent to rent business - and I was asked by Rachael,
“What’s the difference between Property Ombudsman and the Property Redress Scheme”
The government has made it a requirement that businesses which let property are a member of a property ombudsman scheme.

The main purpose of the property ombudsman is to resolve or settle unresolved complaints from consumers who have suffered a loss as a result of the actions of the a letting agency business.

There are two property ombudsman organisations recognized by the UK government.

  • The Property Ombudsman
  • The Property Redress Scheme

So, what’s the difference? Listen on to find out...

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