ATA 076 – If you are renting directly through the landlord will bad credit affect you?


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This weeks Ask The Angels episode is from Liz and is all about bad credit - a question I’m asked about often.

Here’s Liz's question...
“If you are renting directly through the landlord will bad credit affect you.
Or can a landlord get past that?"

My answer surprises some people.
And it angers others.
The true answer is...
YES - you can do rent to rent if you have bad credit.
Some of the most successful business people and entrepreneurs started off with nothing or even significantly in debt. Many of them have gone bankrupt in the past or managed their money badly.
You’ve got bad credit and you’d like to rent properties from letting agents,
So, what can you do?

Rent to rent is a fantastic way to start in business, to become a wealth creator and to really make changes in your life.
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