ATA 075 – Where can I find landlords who accept rent to rent contracts in London?


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This weeks Ask The Angels episode is from Vinny and he wants to know more about finding rent to rent deals in London.

Here’s Vinny’s question...
"I live in London. Where can I find landlords that accept rent to rent contracts?
I’m struggling to find any.”

So how do you find landlords for rent to rent?
The most important thing to remember is that when you do rent to rent, you’re providing an in-demand service.
No one is looking for a rent to rent contract.
HMO landlords are looking for guaranteed rent, freedom from tenant management and total peace of mind.
When you sell what people want they become attracted to you.
Can you see the difference between speaking to someone thinking how do I get them to sign a contract to thinking how do I offer them an incredible service?
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