ATA 068 – The Renters Reform Bill – What does it mean for rent to rent?


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This weeks Ask The Angels question is from Eileen and she wants to know how the Renters Reform Bill can impact her rent to rent business.

So, here is Eileen’s question...
“Have you read the Renters Reform Bill published on 16 June?
What will it mean for rent to renters?”

This is a great question and the best place to start is looking at what the Renters’ Reform Bill is.
⭐The bill is part of the government’s latest white paper – A Fairer Private Rented Sector.
⭐The government describe it as “delivering a fairer, more secure, and higher quality Private Rented Sector”.
⭐It’s the biggest changes for the rented sector in the last 30 years.
⭐Originally proposed back in 2019, the Renters Reform Bill has been long awaited as it was proposed that it would end the ‘unfair situation’ where renters can be evicted for no reason and tackle ‘unfair rent increases’.
In this episode I’m going to talk through the details and the impact the bill will have on rent to rent.
*Do remember, none of this is law yet, this is what’s proposed and it may or may not actually be introduced in law exactly as is. And the government says at least 6 months notice will be given*
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