ATA 067 – Who pays for the gas safety cert and the EICR in R2R HMO?


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This weeks Ask The Angels question is from Nana and about who pays for certain bills and checks in an rent to rent HMO.

So, here is Nana's question...
“Who pays for the gas safety cert and the EICR”

When you do rent to rent, it is important to understand the details too.
If you’re thinking about starting in rent to rent make sure you understand the contracts up front it makes everything so much easier for both parties.
It means you don’t end up in a confrontation - both parties understand what their obligations are.
The gas safety certificate is self-explanatory and the EICR is the electrical installation condition report.
So who pays?
It depends what’s in the contract you have with the landlord.
Check there first.
In this episode I'm going to talk about how we arrange things and what’s in the contract we have with landlords.
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