ATA 065 – How do I show a letting agent I can afford the rent for R2R HMO?


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On this weeks Ask The Angels we're talking about how to show letting agents you can afford the rent on HMOs and we have a great question from Scott about it.

Here is Scott's question...
“How do I show an agent I can afford the rent?
Do I need to deposit some money in my business account.
I have £10,000 I could deposit.”

When you rent a property as a rent to rent business and your business, you won’t have financial history to show.
And most people won’t have £10,000 to deposit in their business bank account.
Luckily you won’t need it, the referencing process will be on you personally.
And for that they’ll do a credit check.
And also an affordability check, so see you have enough income to afford the rent.
The income can be salary.
So you don’t need a big lump sum but you do need to show you can afford the rent.

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