Jerod Morris on Building an Audience with Digital Marketing, Email, and Online Courses


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Remarkable Podcast with Jerod Morris

In this week s episode, I get to have a conversation with another podcaster I met in person at the Podcast Movement conference in 2015, Jerod Morris.

He s full of great information on podcasting and has spent nearly a decade working in online media strategy, production, and marketing.

Jerod has been a featured speaker at conferences across the country on leadership, content strategy, and podcasting.

He is the host or co-host for a total of five different podcasts and he currently serves as the VP of Marketing for Rainmaker.FM.

In this episode, Jerod and I discuss:

  • How to use digital marketing to build your audience
  • How you can use networking to generate more traffic
  • How to move people from your podcast to your email list
  • Which type of podcast is the hardest to launch
  • One big reason you shouldn’t start a podcast if you haven’t already
  • How building an online course helps build your fan base
  • How to get your course members to stay
  • Why it s important to keep a schedule
  • When to pivot or drop a podcast that’s not working

Listen to my interview with Jerod Morris below:

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