Aaron Walker on The Keys To Podcasting And Business Success


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Remarkable Podcast featuring Aaron Walker
In this week s episode, I have the opportunity to speak with Aaron Walker, a seasoned entrepreneur, successful businessman, and life coach who was interviewed on more than 150 podcasts in 2015.

Aaron has over 35 years of experience, he s built 8 successful businesses, and he credits much of his success to being in mastermind groups with the likes of financial guru Dave Ramsey, and Dan Miller, author of 48 days to the work you love.

He s been interviewed on podcasts more than anyone I ve ever heard of, and during our conversation, we talk about that process and the significant impact it s had on his business.

In this episode, Aaron and I discuss:

  • What it’s like to be interviewed on more than 150 podcasts
  • How to treat your podcast guests and what not to do
  • The #1 key to growing your podcast (or business)
  • Whether you should follow your passion or follow the money
  • The #1 tool for achieving success
  • How to use podcasting to generate leads and grow your business

Listen to my interview with Aaron Walker below:

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