Designing a Better World with Lorne Gertner


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As the founder of Tokyo Smoke, Lorne is not only the Godfather of Cannabis in Canada — according to Forbes — but the Godfather of design thinking. His belief that great brands are built from strong DNA not only defined the cannabis retail experience but has fueled his ability to build a strong culture, community and movement with everything he touches. His mission to make the world a better place through ground-breaking design began early as an architect, where he solved complex issues in creative and organized ways. He then applied those disciples to a range of lifestyle brands, including clothing, coffee, cannabis, and now, psychedelics. According to Lorne, products should be experiences people connect to on a deeper level. In this podcast, he reveals how he spots trends even before they happen, his relentless pursuit to change the world, and how he plans to reinvent the pharmaceutical business.

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