Vulnerability & Authenticity And Their Role In Deeper Connections


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Listen to my latest podcast where I chat with Pete Craig from Everyday Genius about mentoring people to manifest and achieve the life of their dreams and how you can kick start this process.

We discuss this current time of change and bewilderment for so many people and what service really means in relation to how the world is morphing. How the internet is continuing to connect us in a time of separation, when people are disconnected from each other and how to move forward and navigate a way through now.

What is the importance of self-discovery, the innate genius and truly knowing oneself to move forward towards altering the frequency of those who are drawn to you and whom you mentor? And what is the daily commitment and motivation to move ‘the muscle’ of authenticity and vulnerability?

We talk about what is unique about each of us, how many different facets we all have and the importance of authenticity and sharing my vulnerability and strengths and weaknesses. To share the fact that we are all human, and can connect at the best human level. How to feel safe in your vulnerability and to know that leadership is at its most powerful, when a leader shows up authentically and is vulnerable. The importance of your frequency being your currency and the complete human experience.

I love you.

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You absolutely can have it all

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