Quantum Manifestation Accelerator With Regan and Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley


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Welcome to my latest podcast, and I am so excited to share this latest gem!

In this podcast I co-create with Vishen Lakiani of Mindvalley and lead his soulmate crowd through a guided meditation for manifestation….

Join us as we deep dive, and during this conversation, we help to curate the curriculum around manifesting exactly what you want from the life of your dreams.

We cover off the obstructions, the barriers and the limitations that are holding you back and the five steps, that are the building blocks that I have devised called energetic architecture for a quantum manifestation accelerator.

In these five steps, we discuss with you the foundations and the energy around being crystal clear on your vision, expanding your capacity to receive, releasing your limitations, embodying the highest version of yourself and participating in taking massive, conscious action.

This podcast assists with bringing manifestation into your life habitually, making this an holistic process to limit self-sabotage, vanquish the recurring challenges and moving towards making this a practice for life…..

So, that you can arrive at the place of surrendered manifestation.

All in a curated guided manifestation experience.

Enjoy listening!

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