New Earth Costa Rica: What You Need To Know


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New Earth Costa Rica

Greetings and welcome to my latest podcast where you get to learn of my newest and most exciting, newborn project…..and learn about the possibility of the miracle...

Where the land chose us!

It’s what I call the “gift of covid.”

You know how it works, just when you think that your life has been turned upside down and your direction has been thwarted….that the fates are fickle, then the universe tilts and >BOOM< everything changes.

You may think that this is unfair. You had your destiny mapped out….you knew where you were going and you think that it is a low blow, a hit out of nowhere...and then the cycle turns…..

...and you see the vision. You understand the miracle.

The imagination, the far-sightedness and the creativity that has been gifted to you….out of nowhere...out of chaos and out of global madness.

So you proceed, one step at a time...fully trusting…..and you step into the vortex, the miracle that has been gifted to you. The possibility of the miracle.

We have taken the seed of the miracle and created the beauty and the joy… birth

New Earth Costa Rica.

So what is New Earth Costa Rica?

It’s the source seed, it’s interacting with the tree, allowing an opportunity...

It’s planting millions of trees all over the world. It’s giving back. It’s nurturing a miracle.

Join JuanPa and I as we chat with Jason Estes about source seeds and the re-greening of the planet and sharing with nature….and hugging the tree! Ha ha!

Enjoy listening!

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