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Join me, in my guest chat with the amazing, insightful EricaLester as we discuss what growth and impact means for you.

As humans, we are either choosing to grow or not. We are either in a state of expansion or contraction. We are never in standstill, we are either spiralling up or down. And, you have a choice as to which way you spiral and what that spiral looks like. Each of us are individual and our growth spirals are personally dependent.

We discuss the importance of giving yourself permission to ask for what it is you actually want. Nothing is too much. You need to be authentic and honest and define what this actually looks like for you. Getting clarity and knowing that a place of scarcity says that this person wins or loses…..abundance says that we all get to win!

Building the life of your dreams is not always about competition. It’s about the individual living with the most authentic version of themselves. Living in deep alignment of their own vision of their own vibe. Creating your own lanes for yourself. Abundance is a mindset and there is enough room for everyone!

Listen as we chat about showing up in service and really genuinely caring about doing something that matters. About growth and learning to step authentically into your purpose and being in the field of endless possibility, and how to maintain and grow that state. Enjoy listening!

I love you.

And remember

You absolutely can have it all

Regan x

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