How’s The State Of Your Energetic Update?


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Tune into our latest podcast as Juan Pa and I discuss the expansion and the clearing out of your reality of all non-aligned forces.

If you are carrying a lot on your shoulders, if you are feeling overwhelmed, then…...hear about how to ride the wave of acceleration, activations and manifestation.

How to expand your consciousness, supporting the physical body and incorporating energy and light.

This is a time for new information, updating all of our templates…having some consciousness of what is going on, in the cosmos and anchoring down into some field expansion.

Adjust your frequency and upgrade...align with the planet..that you are a part of, and connected to, within the cosmos.

Everything that you need to thrive, is inside of you. You just need to surrender to the process and commence that life that you are meant to be living.

It’s not just about your mind, it's about your mind, body and your spirit, your soul.

It’s all about the energy that we need to upgrade, to open up and move forward into clarity and light and sail through this human experience in wholeness and oneness.

And, if you are wanting to know how to truly move forward…... kick the routine of suffering and make that dramatic shift into expansion out of fear and anxiety, then tune in.

Enjoy listening!

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