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Join with me in my guest chat with Arianna Aunon of Body Awakening Conversations.

Learn about what set me off on my health journey, as we talk about how I realised that although I looked healthy, there was an underlying truth that I was actually….not that healthy, despite exterior appearances. I had, as a teenager, a really unhealthy relationship with my body, as so many young women do….I wanted to change the essential nature of my body. And, this led me down a path of trying to change my body, from a place of not feeling good in my own skin.

My relationship with my body culminated in my not eating at all and aggressively working out at least four times a day, in an effort to make my body something that it simply was not, some weird ideal of beauty and perfection that the media, advertising and society had placed on me…I was underweight, sick and unhealthy. And, in an “ah ha” moment I realised that I was striving for some ideal of supposed, female body perfection that I didn't even have clarity of, in my own mind.

It’s about connecting with your body and having a healthy, realistic relationship with your body, your healthy body, the precious vessel that is your vehicle through life. It’s more than looking good, it’s about the complete physical and mental inside out.

Hear about my journey to eating and living healthily, nutrition and how to connect with your body, as a holistic being.

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