Activate with Regan - Day One


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This is so exciting! Creating change right now with a powerful series of five, daily activations and we are kicking off with this first session, number One of Five.

Tune in and listen to where we are at currently on the planet and how it is affecting your own life. If you have been navigating through these difficult times and have been doing so with fear, doubt and uncertainty, and wondering what your life is going to look like in the future….then this is the activation for you.

It’s absolutely okay to feel worry and disquiet, especially when you view what the world is going through right now. It’s only natural, the human experience of feeling reactive human feelings….but, you do have to ask yourself…”Is this worry blocking me? Is it consuming me? Limiting me? Am I being held back and squashed by the fear? Is it stopping me from stepping into my next?”

If the answer is yes, then these negative vibrations are not serving you, not serving us and they are not serving the human collective.

These five, daily 'Activations with Regan' will open up powerful processes that are going to ground you, centre you and help you connect with the highest version of yourself. They are going to help you clear more, clear out the worry, the doubt and the uncertainties in your system. They are designed with energetic architecture to clear you from the inside out.

So, tune in and listen for powerful, potent actions to bring you back to your natural state of courage and conviction, calmness, groundedness, abundance, clarity, and deep connection to the biggest, best version of yourself.

Enjoy listening!

I love you..And remember, You absolutely can have it all!

Regan x

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