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Hasn't it been an intense couple of months? Have you felt it?

We have worked hard over this time at tuning in and activating and stabilizing what has been going on with the planet.

In this latest podcast, Juan Pa and I are working through helping people what is available to them right now and how not get lost in their own stories and the swirling of any chaos.

Currently we are in the new moon reset and the opening of the April energy portal.

And it is all good news! It is an energy wave of love and abundance and especially financial abundance throughout April.

So many grand opportunities, many layers that are leading to abundance that are all seeming to culminate on the 21st April.

There is much showing up. And this time is the embodiment of your natural state of abundance.

Abundance that is all around you…….you know the feeling, when you receive something that you have wanted and consciously manifested….so, what if you could manifest abundance more in your life, on a regular basis?

How abundant is your April?

And, what if you attracted more on a conscious basis? What if you became that magnet to attract more abundance into your life?

If you want to know more about attracting more into your life….. then tune in.

Enjoy listening to this latest episode!

I love you! And remember, You absolutely can have it all, Regan x

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