Abundance and Avatars


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Hello again! Welcome to my latest podcast ‘Abundance and Avatars’ where we give you all the lowdown on this fascinating topic!

So, what exactly do these two things have to do with each other?

How do you constantly choose abundance? How do you constantly expand into abundance? And, let the unconscious mind choose abundance...expanding into each and every area of your life.

There is so much to open up and unlock, and also understanding, using and embodying your inner avatar, the highest empowerment of yourself.

The combination of your Avatar and your Abundance.

We look at and break down the energy system in your body, so that you can open up and step up into your true potential.

Expanding your aura and building up your light body to radiate and enlarge your energy and call in your natural state of abundance. So you can get to live from your soul, the most true, authentic and incredible version of yourself! Enjoy listening xx

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