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Dear friend and student:

Here is your 15th Lesson. It takes you into a new experience of the God-Law and shows you something of your harmony and unity with it. This is not a Lesson to be hurriedly read and then cast aside. It is a Lesson which will disclose new spiritual truths every time you read it. So take your time with it. Read it every day. Spend your evening hour in quietness and then, when fully relaxed and very quiet, make your desires known--and LISTEN TO WHAT GOD, THROUGH THE SPIRITUAL REALM, HAS TO SAY TO YOU.

Don't look for "feelings" of any sort--just rest safe and secure in the knowledge that YOU are part of the LIVING GOD-LAW.

Sincerely your friend and teacher,

Frank B Robinson

In this Lesson I shall give you the picture as it really exists of your relationship to the Great Cosmic Creator of the universe. You will, of course, understand that whenever I refer to the Creator, I do it in the sense of this power not being a "he" or a "she," and I only use the terms containing gender to make the application clearer. God can have no gender. It is not necessary as far as that goes to ever refer to the Creative Intelligence as "God" at all. The Life Spirit--Intelligence--or whatever you choose to call it, just simply IS. It is not male nor is it female. It belongs to the "spiritual" realm and there is no such a thing as either male or female in this wonderful realm.

The last Lesson showed you how to come to the conscious realization of the presence of the Creator in your life. This Lesson will show you the staggering fact that YOU ARE A VITAL PART 0F THIS GREAT CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE ITSELF. In other words--you--the real YOU--is spirit and nothing but spirit. True--you have a physical body, but as far as the REAL YOU goes, YOU ARE SPIRIT. And as part of this great scheme of the universe YOU NEVER HAD A BEGINNING. As a physical body-- yes--you had a birth or a creation. But as a vital part of the Life Spirit--you never had a creation. The physical matters nothing where the spiritual is concerned, and never forget the point I shall make here, which point is that you are essentially SPIRIT.

The Life Spirit which I showed you how to literally and actually contact in our last Lesson, NEVER HAD A BEGINNING. There was no beginning to the spirit realm. It is self-existent because it is intelligence. It is God if you care to use the term. And there should be no difficulty on your part in understanding this fact. Many people write me and ask "Who created God?" I never reply to such a question for in the first place it is absolute foolishness to ask the question, and in the second place it would do no good to try to explain the fact of the self-existence of God to such a mind. You do NOT understand what electricity is--but you would not deny its existence. Neither do you know what law it is that causes an article to drop when unsupported. We call it the Law of Gravitation. But that is only a name. You DO NOT understand why this is.

So why then should you doubt the self-existence of the spiritual-power of the universe. Why is it so hard for you to conceive of a SPIRITUAL POWER being self existent and from time immemorial? As You know something of the spiritual realm you will begin to see that there never was a beginning or can there ever be an end to anything spiritual. Having no beginning, and being self-existent, there never can be an end to the spiritual realm. It exists for ever and ever. It has always existed, and will exist till the end of time. And even time has no end. There really is no such a thing as time--it is merely a conception.

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