Expert Guide To React Navigation | The React Native Show Ep. 4


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In this episode of The React Native Show podcast our host, Mike Grabowski, and his guests: Satya Sahoo and Mateusz Kosoń, software engineers at Callstack, are talking about the React Navigation library. During the conversation, they cover a wide range of topics related to the React Navigation library, including: - What is React Navigation library and what’s its biggest selling point? - What was the idea behind creating the React Navigation library? - How did it happen that React Navigation became a “recommended” library in the community? - What’s coming up with the React Navigation v5? - What issues does React Navigation v5 solve? - What do our guests appreciate most about React Navigation v5? Also, our guests gave us some sneak peaks at what’s coming up with the upcoming React Navigation v6.0! Sit back, relax and enjoy The React Native Show! Don’t forget to push the Subscribe button and share this video on your social media. More episodes are coming soon! Video version:

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