The React Native Show Podcast: Coffee Talk #3 - Open Source


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The 3rd edition of Coffee Talks focuses on Open Source (OSS). Łukasz Chludziński ( and Michał Pierzchała ( give ideas about how to get started with the OSS space and why you should get involved! They also explain how Open Source works in general and how much it matters for us, Callstackers! We basically live and breathe Open Source ( - it’s in our DNA. Find us in the Open Source community - these are our repos: - react-native-paper: - repack: - react-native-testing-library: - react-native-builder-bob: - react-native-pager-view: - linaria: - react-native-brownfield: - react-native-slider: - react-native-windows-hello: Enjoy the talk! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to stay updated!

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