[SPECIAL EPISODE] React Native EU 2021 Q&A Panel | The React Native Show Ep. 10


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The 10th episode of The React Native Show Podcast is fully dedicated to the questions that were asked during the React Native EU 2021 conference. We gathered four great React Native experts in one room to answer these questions (in Callstack's headquarters to be exact) and just let them go with the flow. During the Q&A panel, our panelists: Łukasz Chludziński (https://twitter.com/loginlukasza)as the host, Wojciech Kwiatek (https://twitter.com/WojciechKwiatek) - CTO at Channels, JavaScript developer, mentor, and trainer. Mike Grabowski (https://twitter.com/grabbou) - CTO & Co-founder at Callstack. Satya Sahoo (https://twitter.com/satya164) - React and React Native developer at Callstack and one of the engineers that work on React Navigation library. Paweł Trysła aka. Zamotany (https://twitter.com/_zamotany) - Software engineer at Callstack and the lead engineer at Re.Pack Open Source library (formerly Haul). answer a number of questions related to the conference revealing their favorite talks, the present and future of React Native, Open Source libraries, and many more! Don’t forget to push the Subscribe button and share this video on your social media. More episodes are coming soon! #ReactNative #news #trendingtopics #ReactJS #Programming #Developer #JavaScript Want to read more about the topics covered? Check this out: Implementing Code Splitting in React Native with Re.Pack https://hubs.li/H0_Qtjb0 Why Use React Native for Windows? https://hubs.li/H0_Qtjm0 More episodes of The React Native Show: https://hubs.li/H0_Qtjt0 Need help with your React Native project? Give us a shout! https://hubs.li/H0_Qtml0 Check what we can do for you: https://hubs.li/H0_QtnK0 Callstack is looking for React Native developers! https://hubs.li/H0_QtpV0

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