Reassure - Open Source performance regression measurement tool | The React Native Show Ep.15


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In the 15th episode of The React Native Show podcast our host Łukasz Chludziński (, and his guests, Maciej Jastrzębski ( and Michał Pierzchała ( introduce the Reassure - brand new, Open Source tool for measuring regression in performance in React Native and, soon to be released, React web apps. What’s more, after the “talking” part, our experts prepared a live coding session to show you what Reassure can do, how it works and how to use the library properly. You’ll hear about: What is Reassure? What problems does Reassure solve? What problem the library doesn’t solve? Omits on purpose. Reassure features description. As the reassure was originally an in-house project created for one of our clients, Entain, in the next part, Maciej and Michał reveal the story behind creating the library and then moving it from in-house project to Open Source library. You’ll hear about: The detailed story behind creating Reassure. Details of the collaboration with Entian. Full Reassure team. How to move an in-house library to Open Source? Tech and law challenges. In the last “talking” part, Maciej and Michał talk about their plans for the future development of Reassure. You’ll hear about: Making Reassure first-class support for web React, not only for React Native. Collaborating with hardware/CI companies to create a reliable, easy-to-use environment to run stable performance tests. Creating ready to use GitHub Actions to reduce manual setup. After that, Maciej takes the stage to present the Reassure abilities with a special live coding session. Check out the Reassure page: Learn more about our Open Source projects: Need help with performance optimization in your apps? Talk to us! Discover how we can help your company: Check out the other episodes of our podcast: Do you want to work with us? We’re looking for Senior React Native developers! Check out the details and apply here: You can also watch the episode on our YouTube channel: Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with the upcoming episodes: Enjoy!

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