Ever Dark: Chapter 12 - Rescue


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Behind The Scenes Playlist (hopefully in order) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_JkRUUTpxWEVO4nYnVNabgSN8sfqQX9h Join our free book mailing list: https://shop.raythereign.com/free-book-email-list/ Chapter 12 of a gay vampire paranormal romance acted by a voice cast of 6 (or more!) Future-seeing vampire Sophia shepherds Julian through the intricacies of vampire history. Julian sees the factions of vampire society play out in a raid on the blood den, including the power of the Eyros bloodline. This story will be posted IN FULL on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, etc. However, any sensual scenes will be edited out to avoid content strikes so that everyone can enjoy the story. The full version of the chapters are only available in our private Member podcast feed or the audiobook. (And they aren't even that hardcore!) COMMENTS: https://youtu.be/ecL39Ro-prU SUPPORT US Join Raythe Reign as a monthly Member and get access to the FULL unedited versions of the chapters, as well as all Raythe's serial stories, including Ever Dark Academy, the sequel to Ever Dark: https://raythereign.com/membership/signup Buy the audiobook of Chapters 1-15, formatted with no breaks, intro, or outtro. Chapters are in MP3 format in a 405 MB zip file: https://shop.raythereign.com/shop/ever-dark-the-vampire-king-awakens-audiobook/ Buy the ebook of Chapters 1-15 in ePub, Mobi, or PDF: https://shop.raythereign.com/shop/ever-dark-the-vampire-king-awakens/ Ever Dark merch can be found here: https://shop.raythereign.com/shop/product-category/podcast-merch/

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