#403 - Jocelyn Rivas: Youngest Woman to Ever Complete 100 Marathons


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Jocelyn Rivas from South Central Los Angeles is a 24 year old force of nature.

She broke the Guinness World Record for the youngest woman to run 100 marathons at the 2021 Los Angeles Marathon. It was perfect symmetry as the LA Marathon was also her first when she was a mere high schooler. Jocelyn also broke the Record for Youngest Latina to run 100 marathons by four years.

In 2013, Jocelyn decided to go see her friend run at the LA Marathon at Mile 18. She saw runners of all ages running from teenagers to 60-year-olds. This was the moment that inspired her to run a marathon. Although she knew it was going to be hard due to her medical history of being born with a broken back, neck and feet. She decided she didn’t want to limit herself anymore. A couple of months later at 16 years old, she decided to train with Students Run L.A. and she crossed the finish line to her first marathon at the 2014 Los Angeles Marathon.

You can follow Jocelyn at www.instagram.com/joselinthewarrior.


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