#387 - Alexis McCoy: Marathon Milestones Part III - New York City Marathon


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Part III of Marathon Milestones with Alexis McCoy is here, and wow, what a performance!

Alexis just conquered the New York City Marathon a mere 28 days after setting a PR at Boston. Not only did she run well and rebound from a huge performance - this badass just set another PR!

In this episode we take a deep dive into the weeks between these to historic races and what propelled her to a race of a liftime.

Now she's on to the California International Marathon!

Background: Alexis is a dedicated amateur runner who is taking a big leap this fall. She is running the Boston, New York, and California International Marathons. Not only that, we will be following her every step of the way.

Tune-in to Alexis's last appearance on the show by downloading episode #378.


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