EPISODE #805 "Inmates AZ0405 & AZ0405 1/2!" The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


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In this episode...

Dr. Steve & Fidgert try to figure out a way to get off The Rock! They run into someone who may be able to help but will there be any honor among thieves? This episode also includes a special Learning More After The Episode segment with Part 2 of out talk with Ranger Craig Glassner who is a Park Ranger on Alcatraz Island! Get your own key to Alcatraz Island by Clicking Here!

EPISODE #805 EPISODE TITLE: "Inmates AZ0405 & AZ0405 1/2!" WRITTEN BY:Grant Baciocco RECORDED AT:Dr. Floyd Studios, Burbank, CA


  • Mr. Narrator - Himself
  • Dr. Floyd - Himself
  • Dr. Steve - Himself
  • Dr. Grant - Himself
  • Fidgert - Himself


MUSIC BY:Jody Whitesides

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