Episode 474. How to Take Accountability with Rod Stryker


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This week on Radically Loved, Rosie speaks with Rod Stryker about taking accountability for a mistake as someone in a position of authority.
Owning up to mistakes is always a grueling process. It's even multiplied when there's a power differential in the dynamic and even more so when all of this is played out on social media. Trust is a critical element that binds people to authority figures.
The gravity of crossing boundaries and breaching this trust is seen and felt on a larger scale. Rod walks us through the process of repair, self-reflection, taking accountability, and the lessons he learned from making a grave mistake as an authority.
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Episode Highlights
[02:12] What Human Beings Have in Common
[05:00] Becoming Accountable
[09:29] Take Accountability by Taking Responsibility
[13:14] An Opportunity to Learn
[17:43] The Challenge of Moving Forward
[24:35] Navigating Intellectual Boundaries
[29:56] How His Intentions Behind Teaching Changed
[37:19] How to Cultivate a Sense of Compassion and Openness
[48:20] On Mob Mentality
[50:35] The Gap Between Intent and Impact
[58:04] Seeing Beyond the Surface
[1:01:28] The Title of Yogarupa
[1:06:25] The Lesson He Wants to Leave His Children
[1:09:57] How Rod Feels Radically Loved Presently
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