Episode 473. The Responsibility of Truth and Healing in the Community with Fariha Róisín


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This week on the #RadicallyLovedPodcast, Rosie and Fariha talk about The Responsibility of Truth and Healing in the Community.
Healing from deep-seated trauma is always an uphill battle. It becomes even more challenging to address in a society that commodifies healing and shames victims for talking about it. And so, healing and wellness have become painstakingly inaccessible for people with no means. While it feels like taking out a lump in your throat, the key lies in taking responsibility for your truth. This way, you can spark change and healing for yourself and your community.
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In this episode, Rosie speaks with Fariha Roisin about our responsibility to the truth about generational abuse and trauma. She discusses the reason for writing her book, Who Is Wellness For? In line with this, Fariha stresses the need to increase access to information around healing and wellness modalities. She also emphasizes the impacts of colonization and capitalism in commodifying the wellness industry.
If you want to start taking responsibility for your truth and begin your healing journey, this episode is for you!
Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.Learn why it’s critical to speak up about your trauma.
2.Understand the root of the inaccessibility of the wellness industry.
3.Discover how to course correct the commodification of healing modalities.
Episode Highlights
[03:57] Transmuting Sadness
[05:38] How Fariha Handles the Overwhelm of Needing to Show Up
[08:56] Generational Abuse and Trauma
[13:00] Who Is Wellness For?
[21:14] Inaccessibility of the Wellness Industry
[23:45] Taking Capitalism Out of Wellness
[26:36] Course Correcting the Modification of Yoga and Meditation
[28:26] We Have No Choice but to Change
[35:22] How Fariha Feels Radically Loved
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