Episode 465. Key to Communication In Saving Relationships with Jancee Dunn


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This week on Radically Loved, Rosie is joined by author Jancee Dunn to talk about respect, courtesy, and the importance of communication in a relationship.
Everybody wants their troubles to be heard, especially by their loved ones. The problem is, we often forget to talk and let them know we’re having trouble at all by telling them. We give them pointed looks, vent, and show that we’re upset in every way except stating it outright. It’s a struggle that many people in a relationship face, even those who have been together for longer.
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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.Find out how seeking counseling for you and your partner can strengthen your relationship.
2.Learn six techniques you can use to cool down a heated situation.
3.Discover the importance of putting effort into staying respectful and communicating in a relationship.
Episode Highlights:
[03:07] The Struggles of Writing
[07:43] Writing Ideas
[11:30] Jancee on Sharing Her Relationship with Readers
[13:22] The Importance of Communication
[18:04] How Counseling Helps
[24:53] Staying Respectful
[29:05] How to Calm Down for You and Your Partner
[35:38] What You are Capable of
[40:42] The ‘Sardine Can’ and How Jancee Feels Radically Loved
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