Episode 461. Holy Sh!t We're Alive: Creating Your Purpose with Doug Cartwright


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This week on Radically Loved, Rosie speaks with Doug Cartwright about healing from trauma, developing self-respect, and creating our purpose.
The world is filled with noise about finding our purpose to unlock the best life. It sounds reassuring that we will someday arrive at something we think we were meant to be. But unfortunately, many people end up spending their entire lives seeking and chasing this unknown purpose, and it’s a futile journey. It's time to start shifting the narrative into creating your purpose the way you want it to be.
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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.Understand the impact of trauma in the story we tell ourselves.
2.Find out how your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all the relationships you have.
3.Discover why you should create your purpose instead of seeking it.
Episode Highlights:
[01:54] Setting the Bar Too High for Yourself
[07:41] Childhood Experience and Trauma
[08:43] Seeking Validation and Wanting to Feel Enough
[11:59] Doug’s Driving Force Behind Writing a Book
[16:14] Guiding Words for People Who Feel Stuck and Feel Less
[18:53] The Process of Integrating Self-Love into Your Life
[23:33] Providing Meaning to Your Purpose
[27:48] What Doug Feels Most Excited About
[32:05] How Doug Feels Radically Loved
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○Holy Sh!t We're Alive by Doug Cartwright: https://www.amazon.com/Holy-Sh-Were-Alive-What/dp/1544521200
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