Episode 454. #WisdomWednesdays Listening and Trusting Your Intuition


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This week on #WisdomWednesdays, Rosie and Tessa talk about listening to your gut feeling and trusting your intuition.
Sometimes we get caught up in rationalizing everything we do. On the other hand, following your instincts may be the best option for keeping you safe or leading you to success. Tessa recounts her eerie encounter in Santa Fe, proving that intuition can be correct.
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Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:
1.Understand the significance of trusting your intuition; not all decisions come from logic and reason.
2.Recognize the value of exploring creative opportunities and make time for it.
3.Discover how following your gut can be empowering.
Episode Highlights
[1:42] Tessa’s Family Trip
[5:08] Rosie's Writing Holiday
[30:13] Getting a Gut Feeling
[35:48] Lack of Faith in Intuition
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