Surrendering To Your Highest Self | Amber Hawken | TRH 21


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In this episode interview Amber Hawken. An Author, Speaker, therapist, and a practitioner of several modalities including NLP, Breathwork & Past Life Regression that she has very uniquely weaved together to help people make Real and Lasting change in their lives. We went deep down the rabbit hole on overcoming traumas, self-sabotage, identity, raising consciousness, creating financial abundance. And we talked about how to breathe properly, and why are never taught this when we are young.

Amber has a lot of very practical wisdom and steps to living our best lives & creating freedom. There was a real gold nuggets in this one, do not miss this episode!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  1. 3:32 Through The Lens of Embodiment
  2. 9:54 The Core of What We Are Looking For
  3. 14:14 Expression of Self-Realization
  4. 17:11 Mental Mansturbation
  5. 21:14 Connected To Life
  6. 26:26 Are You Harming Yourself?
  7. 31:39 Powerful New Perspective On Healing
  8. 35:21 Breathing Is The Gateway To Awareness
  9. 47:20 Bringing Sacredness Into Your Life
  10. 50:55 What’s The Truth For You?

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Quotes - Amber Hawken

  1. “When we can come from a place of openness and understanding, evolution will be our nature.”
  2. “Self-realization is tuning into what is pulling you forward, acting upon that, and living from that place.”
  3. “Come back to your breath, because it’s the teacher of surrender.”

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