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Today I interviewed Shae Eloise, a communication expert and sensuality coach. We went deep down the rabbit hole on living a life of joy and meaning, how to be a powerful communicator, and why self-acceptance is the most powerful tool for personal transformation.

This one was fun, full of wisdom, and with some very practical takeaways. You’re going to love this one so do not touch those buttons.

About Shae Shae Eloise has been in Bali for 6-years and is originally from a small country town in Australia. She has worked professionally as a freelance writer, yoga and meditation teacher, teacher trainer, women’s retreat facilitator, public speaker, coach, dancer, model, voice actor, and more!

Shae is the founder of My Freedom Frequency - which is transformational work based on leading experiences & programs for people to access & express their most fully expressed selves. Her work, with its roots in Buddhist & Taoist philosophy & psychology, is centered on helping people clear blockages, insecurity, shame, fear, & ‘playing small.’

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  1. 09:20 The Bridge of Masculine and Feminine
  2. 11:24 Frequencies Of Freedom
  3. 13:22 Unhealthy Expression of Energy
  4. 16:01 The Inner Work
  5. 18:47 How To Amplify Your Voice
  6. 20:46 The Shadows in Ubud
  7. 27:15 Finding Your Authenticity
  8. 36:19 The Keys To Being A Great Communicator
  9. 38:54 Controlling Triggers
  10. 46:40 Mindfulness Meditation
  11. 49:20 Showing Up In Your Truth

Quotes - Shae:

  • Amplify your voice with authenticity
  • Power is found in acceptance
  • Accept what is showing up right now as if you chose it

Find Shae

6-week Art of Communication course for men & women - April 26th:


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