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Today we welcome Gabriella Kellerman, the chief innovation officer at BetterUp and the head of BetterUp Labs. She is also a Harvard-trained physician with expertise in behavioral and organizational change, digital health, well-being, and AI. As a thought leader, Gabriella has been published in The Atlantic, Scientific American Mind, JAMA, and the Harvard Business Review. Her first book is Tomorrowmind, which she co-authored with Professor Martin Seligman.

In this episode, I talked to Gabriella Kellerman about prospection and future-proofing the workplace in the 21st century. According to Gabriella, the world is always changing. She argues that we can plan for uncertainty by cultivating creative leadership, building rapid rapport, and learning resilience. We also touch on the topics of imagination, kindness, and positive behavioral science.


Twitter: @grkellerman


01:44 Collaborating with Martin Seligman

03:54 What is prospection?

08:00 Creativity: ways of being divergent

10:36 Creativity hygiene

14:05 Creative strength spotting

16:42 The safety to matter and to innovate

23:59 Positive behavioral science

27:21 Key drivers of resilience

30:48 Instill resilience in the workplace

34:38 Gabriella’s background and expertise

38:37 Building rapid rapport

43:05 Positivity resonance

46:24 Accepting and coping with change

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