Introducing: Murder With My Husband


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I would love to introduce you to the podcast "Murder with My Husband" - a true crime podcast that offers an unique perspective on true crime podcasting as a husband and wife duo because she loves it and he hates it! Listen each week as Payton Moreland, true crime lover, researches the darkest true crime stories and recounts every detail to her husband Garrett Moreland to get his raw reaction as a true crime hater. Each episode is a new true crime case that Garrett is hearing for the first time. Together, they discuss how they each see the morbid details differently from opposite sides of the spectrum. Two points of view, one true crime podcast. So whether you’re a lover or a hater, there’s a place for you on the true crime podcast, Murder With My Husband. New episodes drop each Sunday night. Available anywhere you listen to podcasts and you can also watch the show on their YouTube channel.

Murder With My Husband — she loves it and he hates it!


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