83. Justin A Williams - The Host of the Trend Podcast, Professor, Editorial Director at the New York Trend


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This week Ken is the guest! Prof. Justin A Williams is the host of the Trend with Justin A Williams Podcast, an extension of the New York Trend. Together they discuss a range of topics from mindset, athletic training, and how your goals can change as you age.

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00:00 - Flannel shirts, grunge and the 90’s

05:00 - College sport workouts and off season training comparisons

09:30 - What sports are like when growing up, talented vs effort

13:30 - How Justin and Ken met in college

15:00 - How to maintain being an athlete after the career is over

29:00 - Accessing flow state

35:00 - Training based on your strengths and interests

43:00 - Everything is individualized

50:00 - Consistency over time

52:00 - How Ken started his podcast

62:30 - Closing

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