78. Justin Wren - The MMA Fighter Leading the Fight for the Forgotten


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Justin Wren has turned his pain into purpose. A professional MMA fighter who has competed in the UFC and currently competes in Bellator. He is also the founder of The Fight for the Forgotten Charity, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to defending the weak and empowering the voiceless. No stranger to adversity, Justin and the Fight for the Forgotten team have set out to support displaced indegenous peoples of West Africa as well as address the mental and emotional health of at-risk youth through bullying prevention and character development.

In today’s episode Justin shares what inspired him to start Fight for the Forgotten. Explains the plight of the Pygmy people in West Africa. Talks about one special young man’s story who rallied millions to stand up to bullying. His approach to creating lasting change amidst immense hatred. Finding empathy in impossible situations. The complexity of serving impoverished communities.


0:00 - Inspiration for Fight for the Forgotten anti-bullying & Rayden’s story

5:30 - “Endangered People” - The Pygmy people of Africa

9:00 - Justin’s new purpose for fighting

14:00 - Modern Day slavery and the plight of the Pygmy people

18:00 - How do you empower lasting change in 3rd world countries?

23:00 - Finding a way to empathize with the oppressor

33:00- Fight for the Forgotten’s work in Uganda

35:00 - The Overcome Podcast and Justin’s story

41:00 - The fight of life, addiction, PTSD, suicide attempts and healing

45:00 - “Building the Plane while flying it” - Life as an Entrepreneur in a field with limitless possibilities

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Rayden’s story: https://vimeo.com/702702219

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Fight for the Forgotten - https://fightfortheforgotten.org/

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Podcast: Overcome with Justin Wren

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